Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★

Weirdly inconsistent tonally? Something about this feels so disconnected from reality, like it bounces from thriller to romance to comedy but never fully commits to any of those genres. Bo Burnham delivers.... the weirdest, most bizarre performance as a love interest and it was honestly so distracting despite that I’m a fan of his. I really wasn’t sure how to feel at all. 

The third act hits, and there’s an entire sequence that is riveting and I’m ready to love what I’m seeing... and then the tone shifts and I’m baffled again. Similarly to Bo Burnham, Max Greenfield shows up and is just Schmidt from New Girl and I again struggle to take it seriously. 

Yeah idk! Really don’t know what to feel right now. I definitely enjoy some of the morally grey stuff later on, esp the scene with Alfred Molina, but the performances are just so weird. Just a strange way to approach this subject matter. Only thing I’m certain of is that Carey Mulligan is amazing! My only real takeaway at the moment.

EDIT: also the orchestral Toxic by Britney Spears cover is wonderful, why isn’t it longer

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