Ready Player One

Ready Player One

I don’t know how you take an already bad book and make it even worse?

I expected it to be bad but wow. They took out what little things i enjoyed from the book. One example, they mention in one line that Art3mis creates walkthroughs and streams online, which makes sense in the book, because the Easter egg hunters are on forums actually working together because they want to share, like actual gamers. A lot of shit like that is absent from the film. While Earnest Cline’s references to old shit in the 80s is extremely lazy, it is clear in the book that the passion is there. 

There are a lot of things that piss me off in this movie but the main thing is Art3mis/Samantha. In an age where we are finally starting to get some actually interesting female characters, it’s aggravating that we take Olivia Cooke, a fantastic actress, and make her a manic pixie dream girl again (FUCK Me and Earl). Sure she’s a bit stronger this time and has her own motivation. Sure she is knowledgeable about cool nerdy xD shit. But it’s disgusting how this film treats her as a trophy. Oh he gets control of the Oasis? He gets rich? Whatever. The real prize?? He gets to FUCK. She takes a backseat to our main character who is ten times less interesting and bland as fuck.

The scene where Olivia Cooke’s virtual avatar feels up on the main character’s crotch, and he feels it in the real world because he’s wearing a high tech suit, made me want to fucking vomit. It’s just disgusting. “Omg he is so nerdy and knows about cool nerdy stuff, I am in love!” Fuck right off. 

The Shining sequence is technically impressive, but like who cares really? If I want to watch The Shining, I’ll just watch The Shining. 

Anyways, there are a lot of things that pissed me off but it isn’t worth my time talking about it. Bad movie, don’t watch it. Thanks for more Asian stereotypes. At least Minecraft world exists.

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