Gone Girl

Gone Girl

this is the ultimate prove that the straights are not okay. this movie is straight culture lmao

Amy and Nick (especially Amy) are the embodiment of "you don't actually love a person unless you occasionally want to kill them :)"

Nick tho, get's a pass to say the "I hate my wife" jokes

it's just so stupid how they repackage the actual sexist and false trope of crazy ex-girlfriend to crazy psychopath wife and y'all went, oh yeah go Amy! :)

"if I was your girlfriend, I'll never let go"

more like

"tHat's MaRrIage"

like bitch I know we all been traumatized by the patriachy but DAMN maybe grow some brain cells??? ugh

the film was CALLING OUT white women and how they weaponize their marginalized identity, nevertheless it does it in the most unlikely, inaccurate and inappropriate situation, very disrespecful to SA survivors if you ask me, but y'all still won't fucking get it, which sadly prove once again the fucking point.

not y'all rooting for a character that wants to end up with the man y'all hate ??? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE

white femenists I'm begging u stop supporting her, is weird

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