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"The past is just a story we keep telling ourselves."

Theodore Twombly is awkward. He likes wearing colorful shirts, playing videogames, is creative, and in the end, lonely.
Theodore might be the perfect self insert for alot of people.
What is there to do if you are unable to move on from the past, you find yourself dependent on what has come before?
What are you supposed to do if your happiness is overly reliant on other people?

"Maybe that would have filled this [...] tiny little hole in my heart [...] and sometimes I think I have felt everything I'm ever gonna feel, and from here on out I'm not gonna feel anything new... just... lesser versions of what I've already felt."

Theodore seems to be so distanced from life that he himself doubts his emotions, his ability to feel. He doesn't really care. He cares about nothing.
It seems like Theodore is waiting for someone special to come along and drag him out of his misery, making him aware of being alive, just to be happy while spending time with someone who is excited to be.

Samantha is excited about the world, about the sensations of life and the emotions that come with it. Theodore is projecting his own lack of excitement for the world and life on Samantha and finds enjoyment in her being happy with these things. Theodore, in a way, becomes emotionally dependent on Samantha. She makes him care, fills the tiny little hole in his heart. But she doesn't just make him care, she also ends up leading him on his own path to happiness. She makes him aware of what to care about, how to fill the hole himself.

Catherine is Theodore's former wife. Theodore doesn't seem to be able to move on. Always hoping for some kind of miracle bringing them back together, thinking about their past and imagining different outcomes for their situation and their past lifes. Theodore is so invested in his past that his imminent life is severly hindered by him dreading on the lost relationship. He finds him unable to commit to new experiences, afraid of loosing the ability of returning to his former life with her, being too dependent on the past, dreading the future.

Theodore has been friends with Amy since college. The two of them share a bond that goes beyond a normal friendship. While Theodore does occasionally ignore her, it's clear that they care for each other alot. Amy progresses throughout the movie in a similar way to Theodore. She splits from her husband, gets to know an A.I., is invested in her job and hobbies. While they are very much alike, Theodore rarely seems to grasp the kind of loving friendship her and him have.
Theodore never becomes dependent on Amy, she's always an asset to his life, just like he is an asset to her's. And that is exactly why the both of them end up facing the future together.

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