Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ★★★★★

I've put off rewatching this just because I waited for the cinema rerelease to hit. That never happened, so here I am. It's been too long.
Scott Pilgrim is a one-hundred and ten minutes long movie that describes my love for these moving pictures in its purest essence.

Between the layered sound design that enhances every single scene and joke to points that I just can't comprehend or the cinematography that goes beyond the borders of live action movies and creates visuals so distinct and impressive that it's like an animated movie come to (real) life. Then there's also transcendently funny dialogue that's unnecessarily clever and keeps making me think: "Man, this is a quote I should remember" (and then forget) that gets even better through the performances from the ENTIRE cast.
No beat missed, every line perfectly delivered. From Jason Schwartzman and Chris Evans playing the worlds most lovable douchebags to Brie Larson being the most exaggerated and hot ex-girlfriend there will ever be, the entire movie is a result of perfect casting.

The work Wright and Pope did to make every shot visually thrilling in its own right, to make the camera flow so dynamically, might be my single most favorite thing about this whole affair. A movie formed by decades of pop culture influences, a movie or a comic book? A movie or a video game? A movie so creative in its camera work that it makes me want to scream: "I LOVE CINEMA!!" to the people walking down past me on the street.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is what a movie is in its purest form. You won't be seeing me slide my glasses up my nose and start pretentiously discussing the themes of this movie. How it tackles humanity or how it's a portrayal of young adults lost in their modern times. Scott Pilgrim isn't (just) enjoyed on the literary level. It's enjoyed as a movie. As everything that spawns from it being a movie. A series of pictures. A series of sounds. A series of images and sounds so distinctively crafted that there's no way around saying:

In its essence, Scott Pilgrim is why I love movies.

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