The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

I didn't rush back to rewatch 'The Lighthouse' because of its gorgeous cinematography, surreal presentation or fantastic sound design. The thing that made me rush back was the dynamic between its two main characters. The amount of quotable lines this movie has is mind-boggling, the way the movie shifts tones doesn't just support its narrative but also makes for a superbly enjoyable experience.
'The Lighthouse' is so varied on so many levels (except colour, of course) that I can't just say that I appreciate this movie for its horror, or its visuals, or its characters, or even its humor. It really is the sum of its parts. This movie is so much at once and I can't decide which aspect I enjoy the most.

If I had the BluRay, IF I had the BluRay
... I'd fuck it.

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