Malignant ★★★½

I was kind of into how Maddie was being transported to witness the next murder earlier in the film. I was kind of on the ride for that. I really liked the gloomy look to this movie. It had some great shots and I liked the horror atmosphere. I thought I guessed the reveal, but the twist was so shocking and I just did not see that coming. That's where I feel the movie really picked up! I don't want to spoil it but I say this warrants a watch on the big screen. And I love seeing horror movies in theaters with a crowd. I did love the blood because I just love blood in my horror, yes. ❤ But overall, I will still say the movie was decent. Still the twist was good & just so shocking. I kind of loved it. My strong nitpick was though, was the MUSIC. My god, what was going with the score in this movie? It just did not work. I almost busted out laughing. 😭 Ruins a pretty important scene in the middle. Also, the ending wasn't as earned as the film thought it was.

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