The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad ★★★★

A really good time! James Gunn mostly aced this movie!

I wanted to see this on it's own and trusted that James would nail this.

Gosh, I really enjoyed this. Most of all the characters were badass. I loved the blood & action!

James brought so much vision to this movie! This movie has awesome cinematography and I loved how colorful it was, I knew that going in.

Man. The rain scene was so good. My god. That fight scene with Harley. I loved how James stylized that! Adding flowers! So good!

Idris Elba killed it as Bloodsport! Can we now say he's an action star? Noticed that recently! His roles in The Dark Tower, Hobbs & Shaw, The Losers and this!

Peacemaker was awesome. Really enjoyed his stunts. I so hope his spinoff series is just as bloody as this movie.

Ratcatcher 2 gave me some feels. She was decent. So was King Shark! I kind of was thinking was he just background humor. Not a ton was given to him but I still enjoyed him on screen.

Rick Flag was fun too. I liked Polka Dot Man too! His powers were cool!

So, Harley Quinn has a subplot with this guy that I didn't think was interesting. Not going to lie how that scene ended up was surprising.

She becomes a bit more fun near the final half. So, I didn't really find myself, didn't know how to put it yet, but truly compelled by the government plot behind Starfish.

The actual starfish was cool though! Just liked them going up against this huge octopus Star haha.

But you know, there's a main plot about that, that really didn't do much for me. I kind of did like the, I guess you can say twist of it.

Can I say I liked how big the stakes were in this movie? I really liked that. Just this team being on this mission was really what made me enjoy the movie!

I overall had a blast with this. A LOT of action and I liked the characters, and the film was just so visually stunning! It was nice in IMAX. Soooooo enjoyed this!


I really liked the opening of this movie! It seemed like we were getting right into it!

I also liked following Michael Rooker's character. He seemed like the lead at first. Wouldn't have minded seeing more of him!

Like I said, I really liked how huge the stakes were! Half of the team dies right in the beginning and just goes to show that this really was a "suicide" mission. I liked that James Gunn did that. Anyone could of died!

Amanda Waller was brutal! The thing with her threatening Bloodsport with his daughter. I liked the moment of him and his daughter at the beginning.

Even though the first team died, I didn't mind following Team 2. They were fun! And I liked how the film's title pops up on top of them when they get out the water (Awesome shot by the way). It showed that we were now following the actual team.

*** I forgot to add this in my Jungle Cruise review, but I saw the latest Dune trailer again while watching this. I was already going to see it but I like wasn't that hype for it. I'm convinced now. That trailer was pretty good!

ALSO, seeing the Jackass Forever & that Free Guy Enter Dude trailers with a crowd was fun haha!