Big Bad Wolf ★★

OMG, 10 minutes into this movie, I was just about to turn it off. It was sooooooooo bad right off the bat. But then, one of the funniest thing I had seen in a while happened. The wolf, which was man in suit, spoke. And not just spoke like a wolf, but it made jokes and shot one liners at his victims, that made me shit myself in laughter.

Scene of the film...Wolf literally rapes a girl and rips her throat apart, and when her boyfriend says, "She was a virgin", the wolf says"Not any more, HAHAHA".
I nearly cried in laughter.

The one liners he spews out are so hilarious, and the acting in obnoxiously bad, combined with a script that I think might have been written by a 14 year old. And you have a film that cost about $100,000 to make and most likely didn't make it back. There was only one actor of note, and he played the wrrewolf. The majority of the cast consists of soap opera actresses, so you can imagine what the acting is like.

I recommend this for only one reason, to see the funniest werewolf ever. The comedy is the only thing that kept this from being a half star.