Dangerous Liaisons ★★★★

I thought i had seen this film before, but as i was flipping through channels and saw this, after 10 minutes or so I realized I hadn't.
This was a great film!! I thought that almost every actor was literally awesome. I say almost because Keanu Reeves, is fucking brutal, and that's putting it lightly. I can only imagine the director questioning the casting director for casting oscar nominated actors who perform brilliantly in this film, and then theres Reeves, who I thought was portraying a mentally handicapped fellow. I am no Keanu hater, I actually like him in most of his roles, but he had no business in this film.
Additionally, I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw Uma Thurman at probably the youngest I have ever seen her. I will admit, I have a crush on Uma, i think she has a lot of natural beauty, she may not be hollywood hot to most guys, but i'm a big fan of hers.
Other than that, Malkovich, Pfeiffer and Close are awesome as usual. The story, which unknown to me, was based off a book, which is also the basis for Cruel Intentions, was very good. Great movie, most recommended.