Her ★★★★★

If Joaquin Phoenix doesn't deserve an Oscar for this fucking amazing, brilliant performance than please tell me what jackoff that shat his way into a film this year does???? (Actually, I would have said this about James Franco in Spring Breakers before I watched this. :D)

The very first time I saw the trailer for this movie I was hooked. For starters the first trailer released was near perfect! Something about it ave me immense pleasure in knowing I was going to get to see this world that Spike Jonze was teasing me with. I wanted to see it so bad and it seemed like it was taking forever to come to theaters, like something was keeping this piece of amazing from me spitefully. I think I was checking the listings on my Moviefone app everyday just in case a theater near me decided to play it before Jan 10th Then on Thursday the 9th, when I was going to go to a 11 PM show, but I was so tired from this hellish week of freezing temps I passed out at 10:30 and didn't wake up till 12:15 and was now forced to wait another day , FML was all I could say.

It was so worth it!! This film is so ridiculously amazing and I'm thinking I can easily say it's a film that will be loved a great deal on re-watch after re-watch. Every thing about it is perfect! Spike Jonze has created a fucking masterpiece that made my eyeballs blow a load of happiness. Such a beautiful film, honestly I think this is one of the greatest looking films I've ever seen. The score/soundtrack is another point of awesomeness. I knew it was going to be really good from the trailer, but the music was amazing, it pulled emotion out of me, gave me goosebumps.

It's also easily one of the greatest narratives I've ever seen on screen as well. Nothing can compare to this in regards to making me want to see more of this world that Jonze has created. He is probably just as deserving for this screenplay to win an Oscar as Phoenix. Tell me another that is better from this year!!! A film becomes more than just a piece of entertainment for me when I have emotional responses while watching it. This film definitely made me feel a range of emotions that change from scene to scene. From happiness to sadness, I was feeling it through the entire film. I might not like the feeling I had at the end of the film, but it works soo fucking good that I can't complain.

I was serious as a fucking heart attack with my opening statement, I swear if he doesn't win Best Actor for this it's a fucking rape. The Academy will be raping Phoenix if the award isn't given to him. I can't think of another performance from anybody else in this year that equals him. This was better than Daniel Day Lewis last year. His portrayal of Theodore Twombly is on a next level. His moustache....amazing, but his performance was more than him looking like a perfect socially inept person, his facial expressions were half of the performance. And those fucking pants!! I hated those fucking pants, they looked like something an86 year old man would wear. Pulled up so damn high, but if it was meant to make Theodore look even more pathetic than he actually was, it was a stroke of genius. And for not even appearing on screen, Scarlett Johansson was seriously awesome as well. Her voice was perfect for this role, the way her voice cracks sometimes...it makes me quiver. It's simply a great performance for everybody in the film. Amy Adams, although looked a little homely, was great. I love Rooney Mara, she was great too.

Now I have a problem. Do I love this film more than I love Spring Breakers?? Which I love, love, love, and the minute I saw it I declared it my favorite film of the year. Then Spike Jonze gives me a dilemma by delivering this piece of gold. Fuck my life!! I wish I could make two number 1's on my 2013 ranking list. That's what I'll do, they are both number one.

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