Interstellar ★★★★★

I had to go see this in the theater to confirm this was in fact my #1 film for the year and I decided it most certainly was.

This time around I found the score much more moving than I had the first time, then again it's Zimmer so I wouldn't expect less. The best scene in the film for me was still the rotation docking scene. I think it's my favorite scene from the entire year. For me it was intensely heart pounding, and the score just drives my pulse as my eyes take in the thrills. And those robots are fucking amazing!! I felt as they were some of the best characters in the film, they were funny, their movement I felt was so interesting. I loved, loved, loved the robots.

I don't care what anybody says about this film, you may not think it's as great as I do, but fucking hell is it masterfully made, and has some great performances.