Long Weekend

Long Weekend ★★★★½

Film 20 of "The December Project" 2012
92 minutes

I've been wanting to watch this ever since I watched "Not Quite Hollywood" and it arrived from Netflix today, so I figured I should watch it so I can het another film ASAP. It has high praise from Jay Cheel, so I figured also that it can't be a bad movie.

I tell you what, this mihgt be one of the highest tension films I've ever seen that doesn't have a psycho murderer, or a zombie horde, or any monster in it. The film is quite amazing in the fact that it achieves that tension, when it's simply a story about a couple that is estranged, that goes on a camping trip near the ocean. And as the 2 treat each other like shit, they also have no qualms in destroying anything they come across, they are truly assholes.

Like I said, the film is awesome, the 2 actors are phenomenal if you ask me, they almost feel like a real couple. Fighting constantly and then forgiving each other every other second.

One of the absolute best things about this though is the score. Every second of the film is beautifully scored to give the viewer the chills on a constant basis. I mean, this is as good as some of the best horror scores I've heard, I want anyone that loves the horror genre to watch this and try and dispute it. You won't be able to. And to add to that, the film is quite good looking, the cinematography is remarkable with nice shots of Australian beaches and wildlife.

This could easily make my top 10 in my 1979 rankings, and qill definitely be near the top of my Ozploitation ranks.

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