The Bourne Supremacy ★★★★★

I don't have a lot to say about this that is new since I just wrote the review for Bourne Identity. But, there is a little. With the switching to Paul Greengrass as director, which is awesome, nothing against Doug Lyman, but Greengrass pretty much defined what shaky cam was with this film. Now, I understand why some people can't handle watching it, but I love it. It changed the way some action films are made. The close quarter fighting mixed with this filming style makes for some great entertainment. And Tony Gilroy again returned to write the screenplay, which was another home run.

Damon returns to greatness with an even better performance than in BI, the rest of the cast as well was fucking great. I loved the addition of Joan Allen, she was great, and as I stated in my review for BI, Brian Cox was great in this, he's just such a great actor. I liked Julia Stiles again, and Karl Urbam was really good, one of his earliest performances that I can remember.

The action in this one is definitely ramped up compared to the first installment. Almost non-stop, and just the way that Damon is like a machine on his mission to destroy whoever decided to fuck with his life makes me want to watch it at this very moment. And the absolute best thing in this movie IMO, is the car chase sequence with Damon and Urban, easily one of the best chases in film history for me. It falls only behind the chase in Ronin IMO.

I will state again, anybody with interest in this, should read the book. It has nothing in common with the film save the name, and the book is bad ass as well , just like the first book. So please, check it out, I can almost promise you that you won't be disappointed.

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