The Woman in the Window ★★½

Letterboxd Festival 6

I haven't seen many old films in this genre, so I didn't really know what to expect when i turned this on. So all of you Noir experts, please forgive me if I don't give the genre justice.

I enjoyed the story enough, mostly because I like suspense quite a bit, one of my favorite aspects to a film is the suspense and tension. The leads are pretty good, not the greatest performances, but I tend to temper my expectations for actors in the 50's and earlier. The high quality acting performances are few and far between IMO. It's nothing personal to the era, but I think the art of acting just wasn't perfected by many at that point.

The plot does move a little slow, probably could have cut about 15 minutes with some better editing. And the final scene is shit, like most have said in their reviews, but more brutal to me is the last line of the film. Not so much the changed ending, I expect that from the weak minded white picket fence audiences from the 40's. They can't handle the thought of somebody offing themselves. Adding the comedic line and having him run away like a clown was so bad, so so bad. It actually knocked it down a half star for me, the last 10 minutes or so. I still give it a "like", but it's a light "like"

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