Tucker and Dale vs Evil ★★★★½

I only had a little knowledge of this movie prior to watching it on Netflix, what I had heard from the Film Junk crew. So I expected to like it, but I will admit, I loved it! It was funny as hell, the reversal of roles between the ugly rednecks and the attractive college kids made this better than the usual camp horror. Honestly I wouldn't even call this a horror, it was almost a straight up comedy for me.

The cast, although some are lesser known actors, was great. Tyler Labine who I was familiar with from Reaper, was great in this. Funny as hell and he was extremely likeable as the "hero" i guess you would call it. And Alan Tudyk was also very good in this, most fanboys would recognize him from Firefly, but he has been in many films and tv shows. I have always liked him in most of his roles. The comedic chemistry between the two is what makes this movie so good for me. The rest of the cast is the typical beautiful people of horror and genre films, but they weren't bad.

I'm willing to bet that this film has gone predominantly unknown or just passed on because of it's a lower budget horror movie. But I would encourage anybody that enjoys genre films to check it out at least once to have some fun and laugh. And there is some good gore as well, it's not like it's just for laughs. The deaths are funny as hell as well as bloody.

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