Hulk ★★★★★

I truly don't believe anybody who says this is a bad movie has actually watched it within the last ten years. Please give this movie another chance. I have always liked this movie by default since I grew up watching it as far back as I could remember, but I rewacthed it last year and instantly put into my top 10 comic book movies of all time. It sticks out even amongst the unique comic book adaptations of the 2000's 1.) because of the very different cinematography and editing of the film and 2.) it's not a superhero movie no matter how you try and spin it! It is a horror tragedy that deals with how dangerous the everlasting marks of trauma can be if left unattended. Hulk doesn't win because he punches harder, he is able to be better than his power hungry father because he prefers control of his actions and the protection of the ones he loves over unlimited power. Hulk's existence is often critically analyzed in comics and other adaptations, but rarely does a story ever stick by the idea that he is not a good thing. They always end up letting Hulk smash to save the day to justify and celebrate him instead of fearing and condemning the existence of a man that cannot control his power.