Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo

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This review may contain spoilers.

Some ramblings about 3.33

Finally, a rebuild that embraces its own identity. While it still nods to the original, 3.33's brilliance is in how it walks its own path.

I love the future setting. It's a great way to grow its own ideas while still being related to the original. Seeing beloved characters thrown into a new environment is fun, it's arguably what I wanted out of these movies the whole time. Seeing new contextualization for classic characters such as Asuka's anger with Shinji just really works for me. Kaworu makes a lot of sense in this setting and I dig it.

Yeah yeah this thing is full of action but the action is exciting. It's fun, vibrant, and has an incredible sense of spectacle. The quiet character moments are also great, especially Shinji and Kaworu. Anno's slower moments are a real treat. I like the approach, what more can I say?

The plot satisfied me. I like the places it went, the meta-narrative, how the characters were used, the subversions, the actual story itself, and man I loved that ending. Idk man I just really dig it.

While I can fully see why one would hate this, it just worked for me. I can't wait to rewatch this and I can't wait for the finale.

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