The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch ★★★★

It was such a good movie, I loved the first and third stories in a very special way. It was my first Wes Anderson experience on a theater, if I recall well.

Unfortunately, I had a difficult theater experience while I was watching the first few minutes, this guy decided to sit behind me, chewing his snack loudly and kick my seat (he started coughing and it smelled like a burp, he was having Burger King). Moved seats, this couple sat one seat away from me but they kept staring at me and they made lots of noises (commenting the movie, opening snacks, coughing) until I had to change seats. I had to sit in the corner, but these soft altercations did not ruined my entire experience. I might not return there too, just in case.

While I watched a movie about characters, among many other things, were talking about loneliness and solitude, I really wished I were alone in the middle of a movie theater.
This might be my worst review so far.

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