La La Land

La La Land ★★★★★

La La Land's first shot is one long take of an overly theatric musical number on the busy roads of L.A. This entire sequence was the perfect introduction to what I'd be watching for the next two hours; Impressive handheld camera work that seamlessly transitioned between man and machine operated, choreography that interacts with the beautifully crafted mise-en-scene, and incredible music that told a story on its own. From the trailer, I already knew I'd love the music and the production design. I didn't realize that this film would contain one of my favourite scripts and cinematography of the year.

Chazelle's visual storytelling was impeccable in Whiplash, and moreso in La La Land. He proves once again that a perfectly composed series of frames can tell any story much stronger than an abundance of dialogue. To me, that is exactly what a movie should do.

La La Land, thank you for being everything I wanted you to be (and more).

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