Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★★★

Still don’t understand why this gets hated on because I honestly fucking love it. Second viewing, this time on Christmas Day and if anything I loved this even more than my first watch. A hyper feminist slasher retelling of a horror classic starring Imogen Poots that unashamedly throws in a goofy supernatural angle? There’s really nothing not to love here, folks!

Every victim fights back and that’s maybe my favorite thing about this. There’s just lots of ass-kicking from every female whether they win or lose. I love all the main characters and would have loved to have spent some more time with them before everything went to hell.

Is this one anything like the OG? Absolutely not! In fact I feel like people probably would have liked it better had it not even had the same name because I honestly don't think too many people would have actually said "hey this seems like a Black Christmas rip-off" because they are just very VERY different.

Anyway, I really hope people come around on this one. The 2006 remake was pretty universally despised when it came out, but I stuck by it and insisted it was terrific until other people finally started to agree so ima just do the same thing with this one. Sigh.

Merry Black Christmas!! 🎄👻🔪

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