Deep Rising ★★★½

This is a really fun movie, even if maybe not quite as great as I thought it was in 1998.

A group of hijackers plan to take over a cruise ship, but instead encounter a nasty monster waiting on board. It’s a total popcorn movie that borrows a little from underwater horror movies like Leviathan, a little from sharksploitation movies, and a lot from both Tremors and Aliens. There are plenty of funny scenes mixed in with the action although some of the one-liners aren’t quite the zingers they want to be. The cast is great and Treat Williams should have been given his own wise guy action franchise for sure. Also, somebody please give Kevin J. O’Connor the credit he has always deserved.

The cgi has not held up well at all over the years, but I still love the final monster reveal. If you actually stop and question pretty much anything that happens in this entire movie then it will immediately disintegrate into dust. Riding a sea doo down a flooded cruise ship hallway AND making multiple u-turns and not crashing or falling off is something I hope nobody is buying. In fact, the editing cuts away on one of those u-turns right before I am CERTAIN the sea doo wiped out so there you go. It’s also about ten minutes too long and I’m pretty sure it would be 4 stars if it was paced a little better towards the end.

Still, I’m always up for a solid water creature feature and if you can totally suspend your disbelief (which I could teach a master class in doing), then this is a fun one.

Bananameter: 🍌 slippery when wet 🍌

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