Fantasy Island ★★★★

I went to see a movie in the theater y’all! That’s all thanks to Parker Brennon for getting me to be social and I hope it’s the first of many movie dates! And I loved this! I dunno, maybe I just lack the analytical movie critiquing skills to give an appropriate review, but from a purely entertainment standpoint I really really enjoyed it! 

I don’t even get all the negativity and I’m not sure if it’s because other people are too harsh or because I’m not harsh enough and it doesn’t matter because I’m just glad I got to see a fun movie on the big screen. It’s totally ridiculous and doesn’t really make a single lick of sense if you think too much about it, BUT ITS FUN and that’s literally why my clinical OCD brain (I have to say “clinical” to separate myself from ignorant people who throw the term “OCD” around flippantly like it’s not the completely debilitating illness it is) needs movies every day: to watch something and get lost in it and not have to overthink.

Lucy Hale is always magnificent because I’m a Pretty Little Liars diehard, but when I saw her double fisting mixed drinks at the beginning I knew I was going to love her in this as well. The rest of the cast was great as well and really made the movie for me. Maggie Q is beautiful and there’s a gay character with a main role who is absolutely and completely  NOT a stereotype at all so all the love for that.

As for the movie itself, it’s a blend of just about every major genre: horror, comedy, action, and drama and it does some better than others, but I was pretty glued to the screen the whole time so it all worked for me. There are also some nice nods to the original TV show and while I never actually saw it, I know enough about it to recognize those nods because I’m just a total fucking unapologetic nerd.

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