Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers ★★★½

I was talking with some friends about horror sequels and this one is on my now expired Starz subscription so I decided to give it a revisit. It’s a MESS, but it’s a fun mess and it’s soooooo 90’s that I love it more than it probably deserves.

This sixth entry in the series decides to dive deep into the occult mythology that the last movie inexplicably introduced. It honestly does nothing for the Michael Myers backstory as far as I’m concerned, but I suppose it’s to be expected by the time you hit the sixth film in a series. Aside from that pointless addition, this is in many ways just a great looking straightforward slasher and I appreciate that. In fact, the best thing about this one is that it’s super stylish. It’s well shot and has a great score and some visually appealing ADHD editing that I absolutely loved when I first saw this as a teenager and the teenager inside of me still enjoys it today. This one also has some great atmosphere and delightful kills. The biggest problem with it is it doesn’t really make much sense. There are ideas that are introduced and then just dropped halfway through the movie. Also, the acting is just painful. It’s bad and not really in a fun way.

I know the reason this movie is such a mess is because it was butchered by studio executives before its release and you can tell, but here’s the thing and I know it’s almost blasphemous for me to say this...but imma say it anyway: I don’t really think the “Producers Cut” is a better movie. For years I heard there was an alternate cut out there that made sense and was SO much better and when I finally saw it a few years ago it was just a huge disappointment. I agree that it makes a little more sense, but it also doesn’t have any of the great music, sound, flashy editing, or overall style that I love so much about this version so is it really any better? Hmm-mmm not so much. 

Of course my opinion here is somewhat biased because me and 90’s horror sequels run tight, but I really do think this is a fun movie if taken at face value. I mean, these movies were never meant to be watched for the plot so making it super stylish to compensate for its total lack of substance is really just a pretty smart idea if you ask me.

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