Knife+Heart ★★★★½

Damn I really loved this! A gay giallo, what’s not to love right? I was incredibly drawn into the so drawn in that I gave my husband my signature eye roll when he asked a question about what was happening and immediately hated the person who sent me a text before I even know who they were. I was invested, k?

And I mean, how could I not be. It’s a delightful modern take on one of my favorite genres of film with some serious homages to the classics, especially Argento. The lighting is full of those beautiful red and blue hues. Plus, y’all this movie is Gay®. Gay gay gay gay gay. GAY. And yet, surprisingly tame in the nudity department. There’s a LOT that’s implied (including a hardcore father/son scene) but not a lot that’s explicitly shown and you bet your ass that’s why I’m knocking off half a star. A movie set in the world of gay porn needs a lot of wonderful nakedness. Of course, full disclosure, I think every movie needs more nakedness so take that for what you will.

The whole movie is so surreal and trippy and disjointed and I love that. Sure, there are parts that didn’t work as well as they wanted to and I would have preferred a slightly tighter paced finale, but dammit this is a loud and proud homo horror movie and for that I’m willing to overlook any flaws.....except the nudity. I’m a gay man in his 30’s so obviously I always want nudity.

Also, Vanessa Paradis is FAB.

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