Leprechaun 4: In Space

Leprechaun 4: In Space ★★★★

Almost everyone says this one is awful because it’s set in space and I’m over here saying that’s exactly why this one is so good. I really think that my “favorite” entry in the series would be either part 3 or this one depending on my mood, but for now I’m gonna say that part 3 gets the edge because of Caroline Williams.

This shamelessly borrows from so many infinitely better movies that it actually becomes a better movie for doing it. There are pieces of Alien, The Fly, Little Shop of Horrors, Austin Powers (which came out a year later so you gotta wonder who borrowed from who here), Alice in Wonderland, Return of the Jedi, and more running around inside this mess and I love it, but there are two specific reasons why this is so great. One is that Lep is blown up at the very beginning all Jason Goes to Hell style and after a guy pisses on his remains, Lep is reborn through the guy’s penis and he literally rips through the crotch of the guy’s pants. Then there’s a scene where Lep’s severed hand is floating through space giving everyone the middle finger and tbh that is such a frequent mood.

He doesn’t rhyme non-stop in this one and I didn’t miss that so much as I missed him cracking himself up every time he came up with one of those thymes, but it’s still a stupid fun STUPID movie.

Bananameter: 🍌 i feel like the title speaks for itself here 🍌

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