Possessor ★★★★★

So yeah I’ve watched it twice in 24 hours so obvs I loved it. Probably the best of 2021 for me not that I’ve seen many but damn this is an amazing movie.

Somehow I escaped the fact that Jennifer Jason Leigh is in this so mid-level orgasm happened when she showed up and I know I didn’t realize it because if I had I would have gobbled this up the minute I could have. She does give an amazing performance as usual just full of lovely little characterisms which I don’t think is actually a word but you know what I mean. At this point it’s also become a given that Andrea Riseborough is going to blow your mind so the scenes where they are together I just can’t even imagine being in a room with energy that powerful!

This was so dark I can see how some would be turned off, but y’all know I eat that shit up so I could keep this playing on repeat and be happy. And the violence! *chefs kiss* so extreme but somehow never feels like too much...almost beautiful to watch. An eye gouging Fulci would tip his hat to. Daddy Cronenberg can’t possibly not be proud as hell.

Also, there’s nothing I love more than a completely unexpected and out of left field erect penis and man-taint shoved right at your face so 5 goddamn stars from ya boy for this modern day masterpiece.

If I ever have a kid, I’m naming them Tasya. Periodt. It’ll probably be a cat tho let’s be real.

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