Santa's Slay

Santa's Slay ★★★

So, apparently, Santa isn’t a jolly old guy who gives presents to good little boys and girls. He’s actually a ripped demon daddy who lost a bet to an angel and is forced to give out presents...until the bet is over.


I love the idea and the opening scene is just the BEST. Honestly, I’m giving this an extra half star just for that scene because I could watch it all day, every day. But, then I was a little bummed to find it was the only part Fran Drescher was in because I unashamedly love her and was excited to see this because of her. Still, she’s great in the bit she’s in.

The rest of the movie is very hit or miss. It’s mostly hit every time Santa slays anyone but then some of the other scenes just don’t work as well. They get points for effort but something about parts of it just fell flat. It’s definitely a fun Christmas Chiller and absolutely worth checking out as long as you don’t set your expectations...and your desire to see everybody’s favorite Nanny...too high.

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