Sharkenstein ★★★½

What a crazy and fun idea for a low budget movie. Jeff Kirkendall plays a scientist with Nazi ties that creates a Frankenstein Shark. A Sharkenstein, if you will, from all the most dangerous types of hark out there: great white, mako, tiger, etc. and it’s the same Brett Piper stop motion that I loved in Monster Movie and I believe Land Shark as well so obviously I loved it here.

I actually liked this one more than both of those because of the hysterical scene where the shark gets struck by lightning and morphs into a muscled up beach bro and the other hysterical scene where Duke cuts himself to lure the shark towards them and Greta Volkova’s like “oh you shouldn’t have bothered, I’m on my period.” Lol what!!

I also enjoyed this because I just find James Carolus to be absolutely and inexplicably adorable and I don’t know how to explain it so don’t ask. He wears his hat turned sideways during the whole movie and part of me just melted at the cute.

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