Slugs ★★★★½

I always seem to forget how much I love this movie and that leads to way too much time between viewings. I really need to fix that.

Mutant, flesh eating slugs are terrorizing a picturesque town in this incredibly gooey offering from Juan Piquer Simon, the director of my much adored Pieces. This film doesn’t quite live up to that one (and let’s face it, not much ever will) but damn it comes close. Bad acting, incredibly gross effects, ridiculous story, and a healthy dose of 80’s-ness is all here and it’s really hard not to like this, if not love it. I really love it. I mean, just look at that poster!

Every gore scene is phenomenal. My hands-down favorite is the bedroom death scene. It’s also very obvious that the entire budget went to those effects because other parts of the movie are laughably cheap. At one point, there’s a Halloween party with ONE decoration and no costumes so they just verbally remind you that it is, in fact, on Halloween and I am here for all of it.

Definitely a must-watch for 80’s horror fans. Be warned: you may never eat a salad the same way again!

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