Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★★

I took one of my clients to see this and usually I’m not terribly into whatever movie he wants to see, but I sure enjoyed this one!

I’ve only seen the original trilogy although they were watched countless times when I was a kid. I haven’t seen anything else, but now I’m thinking I might give them a go. Alden Ehrenreich is obviously not Harrison Ford and really those are some impossible shoes to fill, but I thought he did a great job getting the attitude and swagger down. Emilia Clarke is maybe the best thing about the movie because I don’t even know why except she has an amazing screen presence here. Woody Harrelson was Woody Harrelson and that works just fine anywhere.

So yeah I really liked this and I feel like the fact that I’m giving a big budget mainstream movie 4 stars is definitely saying something for me.

Also, I don’t do heights so that whole sky train sequence had me SWEATING. And silently screaming tbh.

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