Spiral: From the Book of Saw

Spiral: From the Book of Saw ★★★★½

Genuinely kinda blown away by how much I enjoyed this! Maybe it’s because we haven’t had a Saw movie in a while or maybe it’s because what we have here is a Saw movie that fully embodies the spirit of ACAB in what I see as its truest sense: that maybe all cops aren’t bad people, but they are indoctrinated into an inherently oppressive system that thrives off of the abuse of its own authority and the victimization of marginalized people, so therefore all cops are bad, regardless of who they are as individuals.

This entry is just such a great example of that theory in action and frankly, it’s the Saw movie we absolutely need in 2021. It’s pretty impressive that the 9th entry in the franchise is one of my favorites, but what can I say? Cops get away with insane shit so it’s nice to see a 90 minute twisted fantasy where crooked cops get exactly what they deserve. I mean, maybe a little more than anyone “deserves” but it is a Saw movie and these traps are exceptionally intense. One character goes through an especially unpleasant one and I love the actress so it was a tough watch, but ya know her character built her whole career on covering for bad behavior in her department so. Who knew Chris Rock had such a beautiful darkness in him?! Never really paid much attention to him before, but I will now!

Speaking of the traps, I have a “thing” about broken glass, like it absolutely freaks me out and I don’t know why. It’s not like stepping on it is going to cut off your foot, but I’m still irrationally terrified of doing it. If I break glass I will clear the room in a flash and make my husband clean it up and the probably wear flip flops in that room for a couple of days afterwards to be safe. So, the broken glass trap absolutely fucking DEVASTATED me and I’m not even spoiling anything because you’d never in a million years guess how it works, but I am here to say that if you also have an irrational fear of broken glass, you may want to have a Valium on hand to ward off that panic attack. I’m glad I did!

I really hope we see a continuation of this spin-off series and you know they left that door open just like I wanted them to. Fuck the cops.

And yes Samuel L Jackson just “Samuel L Jackson”’s the shit out of his role and I love it. How can you not?!

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