Superstition ★★★★½

Hot damn this was fanfuckingtastic! And I really needed it after a shitty day at work...and I wasn’t even at work today! Like I was super excited to get promoted a few months back and now I’m just like “JFC this is not even worth the stress” so yeah that’s where I’m at with that. DONE.

Anyway, this was amazing! It hit all the right notes for me: great atmosphere, creepy ass house with endless dark hallways, incredibly gory deaths. How is this not a legit classic?! And look at that poster! It’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen! It’s so great that I figured the movie wouldn’t come anywhere close to living up to it or, better yet, it would have basically nothing to do with the movie itself, but it does and it does! I mean, the 80’s loved to fuck with ya like that but this is not one of those times so bless this film and bless this lovely blu-ray release that was worth every penny!

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