The Evil Within

The Evil Within ★★★

I’m pretty torn with this one. There were things about it that were brilliant and things that just didn’t work for me.

The story is about a mentally disabled boy who starts talking to himself in the mirror only to have that image come alive and convince him to do awful things. I did not really read much about the history of the making of this film until after I watched it. As a former drug user, I’m also torn on my feelings over that. On the one hand, Andrew Getty stuck with his dream for all that time. On the other hand, had he gotten help for his meth addiction, it may not have caused all the problems the production went through. I don’t care what any article does/does not discuss, I’m quite sure that was the at least one root of the problem. Don’t @ me.

Anyway, there were some really amazing visuals in this, mostly at the beginning and end. The beginning made me think I was in for some totally bananas, acid trip, Silent Hill type of affair. Unfortunately, there are only brief flashes of that absurdity until the end. But that end was really awesome. I especially loved that creepy, downbeat very last scene. In between those parts, the story was sometimes frustrating. There’s an interesting plot development that implies Sean Patrick Flanery and Dina Meyer are stuck in some alternate dream world that just doesn’t go anywhere. Like, there are whole scenes of them not recognizing anyone around them, thinking everyone they know has disappeared...and then they see someone they know and that entire idea is just dropped. The person they see even acts kind of off and I thought things were going to get weird and then he apparently just acted weird for no particular reason? Of course, when you factor in that the director was on meth, that sort of thing makes complete and total sense!

So yeah, I’m definitely going to have to give this another watch. Right now, I’m almost split right down the middle with my feelings, but I’m leaning more towards the love side because those visuals are totally my jam.

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