The Game ★★½

Welp...I’m back to horror and all is right with the world again. Well, that’s totally not true but you know what I mean.....

I recently had the urge to rewatch Bill Rebane’s The Demons of Ludlow so I figured I’d rewatch this one while I was at it. Just like that film, I seem to remember liking this a bit more the last time I saw it.

The story, about three billionaires who invite nine people to an empty hotel for the weekend is a pretty blatant rip-off of House on Haunted Hill and nowhere close to as good. Still, it has a certain low budget, cornball charm to it that I kinda love. The acting is horrible, the special effects are worse, and the ending makes no sense at all but it still a decent watch for connoisseurs of bad movies. Plus , there’s some great mid-80’s yuppie hair and fashion that’s probably the best part about the whole affair.

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