The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★★

Given that this was delayed due to a political uproar from conservatives, I was really expecting it to not be worth even bothering with, so imagine my surprise when it turned out to be quite a good time! And imagine how much happier I was when I realized that the movie those conservatives screamed about without even seeing is absolutely NOT saying one side is better than the other. In fact, it’s saying that both sides are pretty fucking disgusting and that’s a message I can fully support. Although conservatives are still the worst, but that’s not the point of this movie, just my own opinion that should surprise absolutely no one. Really, they suck ass and not in the good way. But I digress.

There’s plenty of dark comedy thrown in this along with a ton of gore and a welcome 90 minute runtime so the whole thing moves along at a brisk pace while delivering plenty of unexpected moments and nice twists. Betty Gilpin is an absolute treasure! I had not seen her in anything else and she just blew me away here. Her line delivery, facial expressions, and comedic timing are all perfectly on point.

It’s a fun one kids so out there and see it. Coronavirus be damned! Also I’m really going to hate revisiting this review if I end up getting it because we went to the theatre lol

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