The Psychic ★★★★★

Really had to watch this again after seeing Jennifer O’Neill in The Reincarnation of Peter Proud and I still stand firmly by my belief that this is not only Fulci’s greatest giallo, but one of the all time greatest.

Great setup, excellent execution, lots of twisty turns, and a perfect cast make this a genuine underrated classic of the genre that deserves more love than it will ever get and I say that because it could never get enough in any circumstance. 5 stars without the slightest hesitation.

Those seven notes are so powerful, so haunting, and so memorable that I’ll be thinking of them for days and that’s that kinda shit that Fulci did, y’all! Nobody can EVER touch Argento (and that’s not a personal opinion, it’s a certified fact), but damn if Fulci didn’t come dangerously close more than once.

Also, that poster. That poster! If it isn’t the perfect horror movie poster art representation of my aesthetic then I’m not sure what is.

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