The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

This was really fucking good. And y’all told me to watch it. And y’all told me I’d love it. And I didn’t listen until someone finally implored that I watch it and here we are and I am sorry for not listening before now ok. I’M SORRY. Because I did love this, but I’m also a stubborn bitch who apparently doesn’t want to listen to anyone who is trying to help his ass out in the movie enjoyment department and I’M SORRY OK.

I liked the first movie, but I think the biggest thing that kept me from loving it was that you spend the entire time wondering what the fuck is wrong with these people who just endlessly torment a random couple and they never get what they have coming to them. I mean I love the downbeat “because you were home/there is no happy ending” ending of that movie, but I think it’s ultimately unsatisfying because what makes a really great slasher/home invasion thriller is when the killers/invaders get what they have coming to them and this sequel fixes all of that. I also like how it keeps toying with you. Obviously I wanted Bailee Madison to kick all the ass (side note: can we get her in more horror movies cuz she’s super cute) but you weren’t sure it was going to happen and I kept thinking “if these psycho killers win I will hate this movie more than I’ve ever hated any movie before ever” so it was all the more satisfying when said ass was, in fact, kicked.

Also, pretty ballsy of a movie to knock off its main star early on. 

Oh and also, the pool scene was brilliant obvs and the whole thing was very well directed. I’m actually excited for the 47 Meters Down sequel now. Except I was always excited for it because I love sequel trash you know.

Aannndd also, nice Texas Chainsaw Massacre homage there at the end. Very nice indeed.

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