The Witch Who Came from the Sea ★★★★½

Well ya know if there’s anything better than watching a surreal 70’s horror jam, it’s watching another one the same evening, amiright? 

I watch most of these movies and really have no idea how they came to exist. Like, how did these movies get dreamed up because they had to have been dreamed, through either sleep or drugs or both, but there is no way that these surreal 70’s horror jams got written on nothing more than a venti mocha with no whip because all the whipping cartridges were inhaled by people writing movies like this do you know what I’m saying here?

Actually, the base plot line is pretty simple and has nothing to do with witches rising out of the sea: a child that was sexually abused turns into a woman with severe trauma and psychosexual issues. But this movie takes some weird turns with secret mermaid tattoos and shaving commercial studs, beefcake models doing gymnastics, penis hacking, fabulous neon pink and blue pills (can I have some?), relatives selling shabby chic, and all kinds of other odd things and it works really quite well! It’s all very artsy and very heavy, and usually you say “heavy” and I say “ugh”, but it’s surprisingly well written and made and generally easy to take in. The performances are heartfelt, especially the lead. The ending was the real punch and is still lingering strongly in my mind. 

It’s the kind of movie that should maybe come with a content warning because it’s absolutely not for everybody, hell it’s not for most people, but if you dig these kinds of movies and can handle the content, you’re in for a real treat.

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