Tourist Trap ★★★★

The first movie of The Last Drive-In was the last one I watched because Shudder was having a moment when the stream first started and I couldn’t get it to load. Thankfully, they have added all of the movies with the JBB commentary to the service so we can all enjoy them at any time and that is why they are my favorite streaming service. Also they are a horror service so that’s got a lot to do with me thing they’re the best and I’m sure nobody is surprised there.

This movie is so damn weird and surreal so of course I love it. After watching a million times, the overall impact lessens a bit, but damn there are some scenes that can still give me that wonderful spooked feeling. Some of this is kinda funny in a “omg that’s so disturbing why am I laughing haha somebody help me” sort of way and other parts are seriously dark in a “omg that’s so disturbing who the f*ck comes up with this nightmare fuel somebody help me” sort of way, and if you’re Adam it’s disturbing in a “omg Becky with the good hair is Donna’s mom from That 70’s Show somebody help me” sort of way.

This absolutely should have been a series vehicle for Chuck Conners with lots of sequels, but I guess the horror gods didn’t want to make that happen. And by gods I mean Dario Argento who probably just didn’t give a crap cuz he was too busy making Inferno.

Bananameter: 🍌 yes the soup and crackers are very good today 🍌

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