Underworld: Blood Wars ★★★

A History of Horror Weekly Challenge 2018

Week 9: Werewolves

I have no shame in admitting that I loveloveLOVE the first Underworld and not just because it was originally released on my birthday (although seeing my birthdate on the poster was awesome). It’s just a really fun movie and Kate Beckinsale is so amazing and beautiful. I also really like part 2, but this is a rare (for me) series where each sequel just steps down a bit from the one before it. Like, I probably wouldn’t make a ranked list of these because it would just be the order in which they were released with this being in 5th place. Still, it’s pretty entertaining even if it’s nowhere near the original.

I like the mythology of these movies and seeing characters mentioned in previous movies show up with main parts in later ones. Kate Beckinsale could teach a master class in wearing a leather catsuit. Theo James makes a good sidekick even if I have never liked the way they just killed Scott Speedman off and now Charles Dance too? Shame on them. I also love seeing a woman take on a male-dominated genre in a male-dominated field and there are some very well choreographed fight scenes and fun camera work in this.

Overall, it brings nothing new to the table and I can very much understand why it didn’t go over well with most people, but I just love this whole dreary blue hued universe and as long as they make them, I’m sure I’ll watch them.