Villains ★★★½

I completely accidentally stumbled onto this movie while I was looking up something else on JustWatch and thought “how the hell have I not seen this?!” so I gave it a watch and it’s definitely a worthwhile watch, if for no other reason than the cast! Given the plot description and poster, I was expecting some Mom & Dad level insanity which it doesn’t ever really come close to reaching, but really it’s that cast that makes the whole thing worth it.

Maika Monroe deserves her A-list break already, but until she gets it I’m happy to watch her in indie fare like this. Bill Skarsgård is honestly adorable when he’s not playing a creep and seeing him handcuffed to a bed is yum. However, Kyra Sedgwick was the biggest surprise for me because as much of a name as she is, I’ve really never watched her in a lot of stuff and she nails this role. 

Nice little blend of horror and comedy to help get you through coronapocalypse. I don’t know about y’all but I can sure use some laughs these days. Le sigh.

Side note: I wish a mf’er would try to kill me by recreational drug overdose as hard as I used to party.

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