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  • A Bay of Blood
  • Antropophagus
  • Blood Feast
  • Bloodeaters
  • Bloody Moon

Video Nasty List (by Stephen Reed)

72 films

Original list by Stephen Reed. Here is the link:

I need a reference because apparently I can’t remember what…

  • Leprechaun 3
  • Leprechaun 4: In Space
  • Leprechaun 2
  • Leprechaun
  • Leprechaun in the Hood

Leprechaun: Ranked

7 films

Just one of the best awful horror movie series. Nothing but respect for my Leprechaun, Warwick Davis.

  • Witchcraft II: The Temptress
  • Witchcraft V: Dance with the Devil
  • Witchcraft 16: Hollywood Coven
  • Witchcraft
  • Witchcraft 8: Salem's Ghost

Witchcraft: Ranked

16 films

The only thing more important than finishing a horror series is making a ranked list! I thought it would be…

  • Aberration
  • The Abomination
  • The Alchemist Cookbook
  • Alien
  • Aliens

Horror Cats!

194 films

Horror movies and cats! My two favorite things! Big cats, small cats, main parts, cameos...they're all here!

List is always…

  • Assault on Precinct 13
  • Scanners
  • God Told Me To
  • Rabid Dogs
  • Hallucinations of a Deranged Mind

Everybody’s Into Weirdness - 2018 Challenge

35 films

I’m not even doing well keeping up with the challenges I’ve already joined, but this one doesn’t have any specific…

  • Within the Woods
  • Camp Blood
  • Camp Blood 2
  • It Kills
  • Ghost of Camp Blood

Camp Blood: Ranked

9 films

Finally, the list that nobody has been waiting for! These are all really bad movies. The earlier ones are “so…

  • Her Final Fury: Betty Broderick, the Last Chapter
  • Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack
  • Your Vice is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key
  • The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh
  • Torso

Crazy/Beautiful Movie Titles

174 films

Inspired by Hollie Horror’s recent review of Her Final Fury: Betty Broderick, The Last Chapter, aka Till Murder Do Us…

  • Deep Red
  • Tenebre
  • The House with Laughing Windows
  • Four Flies on Grey Velvet
  • The Psychic

Gialli: Ranked (sort of)

34 films

There is no way I could possibly pick a single favorite giallo so I’m going to say the first 10…

  • Hellbound: Hellraiser II
  • Hellraiser
  • Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth
  • Hellraiser: Bloodline
  • Hellraiser: Hellseeker

Hellraiser: Ranked

10 films

I go back and forth over whether I like part 1 or part 2 more. Part 1 has a better…

  • Häxan
  • The Phantom of the Opera
  • Daybreakers
  • Plan 9 from Outer Space
  • The Ghost Galleon

A History of Horror - Weekly Challenge 2018

16 films

These challenges are a great way for me to get in movies I’ve wanted to see but put off for…

  • Bloody Moon
  • Cat People
  • The Whip and the Body
  • Wrestlemaniac
  • Dr. Terror's House of Horrors

HORROR x52 (2018) Challenge

40 films

Looking forward to this mostly because it will force me to watch movies I haven’t seen!

Titles subject to change…

  • Blow-Up
  • Deep Red

Movies where a work of art almost gets the best of David Hemmings

2 films

I’m sure I’m not the first to notice this but are there any others?