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  • Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai
  • 3 Women
  • The Spirit of the Beehive
  • Jazz on a Summer's Day

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  • The Graduate


  • Dadli


  • Eureka


  • Annie Hall


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  • The Graduate

    The Graduate


    Each time I rewatch, I expect this film will resonate less as I get further away from Benjamin Braddock's 21 yr old young man's angst. And yet I just keep loving it more & it keeps gets deeper & it feels much less about a specific age than just being alive.

    Like most people, I prefer the pretty much unimpeachable & impeccable first hour to what follows. But the second half has grown on me more & more as a pretty unflinching look at…

  • Dadli



    A wonderful 15 minute impressionistic film from Shabier Kirchner, the cinematographer for PAST LIVES & SMALL AXE. Essentially, Kirchner drops you into his native Antigua w/ your lone guide being a DAYS OF HEAVEN-esque free association voiceover from a 13 yr old boy.

    I'd come across a couple of stills from the short film, which made me want to check it out. And the imagery is incredible -- it really has the gorgeous haze of a memory, with colors & imagery that…

Popular reviews

  • Americana


    Got to sit among a few hundred strangers in the gorgeous Paramount theater for our SXSW world premiere. It went better than I could've hoped. There will be ebbs and flows and it's not going to connect with everyone. Etc etc. But man oh man, it sure felt like it connected with the sweet sweet people of Austin, Texas. The weird humor really really played. Lots of laughs throughout. Gasps. And even spontaneous applause at a couple of points. Just an amazing feeling. Grateful, relieved, happy, excited.

  • Oppenheimer



    A towering achievement of visual & auditory immediacy & layered narrative complexity that interweaves chapters of Robert Oppenheimer's life in order to dramatize the question: "Is humanity doomed to devise the means of its own destruction?"

    Split into multiple timelines that Nolan & company manipulate with rhythmic mastery, I see this as essentially two films in conversation. The first takes place in color & is a more traditional character study of Oppenheimer & a testimony to the awful achievements of Los Alamos.

    In a series…