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  • Tetsuo: The Iron Man

    Tetsuo: The Iron Man


    Portfolio #8

    “We can mutate the whole world into metal, you and I! And we can rust the world into the dust of the universe!” 

    A strange man with an apparent fetish for inserting metal objects into his body becomes the victim of a hit-and-run accident at the hands of a salaryman and his girlfriend. The man who runs him down begins to experience growths of metal protrusions all over his body, signaling the beginning of a transformative downward spiral…

  • Eraserhead



    Portfolio #7

    “In Heaven, everything is fine...”

    Henry (Jack Nance) is a simple, unassuming man living in a small apartment in a dystopian, over-industrialized Philadelphia slum. His girlfriend, Mary, hasn’t been around lately, but the mysterious, strangely-beautiful lady that lives across the hall informs him upon his return home one day that she has called and invited him to her parents’ house for dinner. There, bombs are dropped and ovens are emptied... 

    Following six years of development, filming, and production,…

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  • The Witchmaker

    The Witchmaker


    Bayou satanic panic vibes, cool locales, beautiful witches, black magick, and gloomy atmosphere. A little chewy but the aesthetic portions make up for it.

  • Rabid



    Finally gave this a rewatch after not having seen it for about four or five years, and definitely dug it more on this watch. Feels very similar to Shivers, although I haven’t seen that one in just as long, so I guess I’m due for a rewatch of that soon as well. That said, Cronenberg can do no wrong and his roots are just as strong as his branches. A delightfully bleak and sleazy slice of Canadian horror.

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  • Us



    I dunno guys. I feel like I watched a totally different movie than the one you all hyped up. Maybe I read too many positive reviews beforehand and got my expectations too high, and maybe that 4 star average led me on a bit, but I thought this was inferior to Get Out and I wasn’t really thrilled with it. It was kind of corny. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh throughout or what, because that’s what most of the teenagers…

  • Climax



    “If you couldn’t dance, what would you do?”

    I just had the chance to experience this at a theater for an exclusive, late showing and I know now that seeing this on the big screen is the definitive way to watch it. It should be watched on the biggest screen with the biggest sound system, period. I’m pretty sure the neighboring movies HATED us because the volume was pumped the fuck up. At first I thought it was…