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  • Carrie





    “They’re all gonna laugh at you!”

    Honestly I identify so hard with Carrie that it’s hard to watch this sometimes because I get choked up and angry. I was a weird outcast kid in school so I know how she feels all too well. I was picked on a lot and sometimes I wish I could have trapped everyone in the gymnasium and lit that bitch up too. High school was a rough time for me. I’m…

  • The Holy Mountain

    The Holy Mountain




    “Your sacrifice completes my Sanctuary of a Thousand Testicles.”

    “With this electronic rod, he will rub its mechanical vagina.”

    Really just a fantastic film. I’m sure I can’t contribute anything of merit that hadn’t been said about this masterpiece already. Just a vibrant, inspiring, awesome, bizarre journey of the senses that’ll leave you a different person than before watching, much like the transformation of the characters within. There’s so much about mysticism and the occult that it…

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  • The Entity

    The Entity


    So yesterday I made the single biggest purchase of my life so far - I bought a new TV. 58” 4K Samsung, and I bought a 4K player to go with it. I also bought a Nintendo Switch to play the new Pokémon game lol. So basically I’m broke but also super happy with my purchases? Like now I don’t have a reason to leave the house ever again and that’s wonderful. So now I’m going through the almost 100…

  • Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!

    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!



    I still haven’t caught up on last week lol. This movie is totally awful in all the best ways, always a fun watch.

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  • Us



    I dunno guys. I feel like I watched a totally different movie than the one you all hyped up. Maybe I read too many positive reviews beforehand and got my expectations too high, and maybe that 4 star average led me on a bit, but I thought this was inferior to Get Out and I wasn’t really thrilled with it. It was kind of corny. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh throughout or what, because that’s what most of the teenagers…

  • Pet Sematary

    Pet Sematary


    “Sometimes [the original] is better.”

    First big stinker of the year for me. I had high hopes that this wouldn’t fall into generic genre pitfalls, but it does exactly that. None of the actors are compelling except John Lithgow (but I mean, it’s John Lithgow), and I didn’t care about any of them even when they died. Jump scares abound (mostly ineffective as well), whisper-laden background noise whenever anything “scary” is about to happen, and typical possession-movie-style body horror that’s…