Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★

Watched at the drive-in while waiting for Rocky Horror to start, and it left me feeling even colder this time around. I think the main reason this feels like a meandering, meaningless installment in the franchise is because they announced a trilogy that basically doomed this middle movie to be of little to no consequence in the long run. There’s guaranteed to be another film after it, so we already know neither of the main characters (JLC or Michael Myers) are going to die. Instead, a bunch of characters are introduced just to be killed off right away with no real payoff except some cool and gruesome kills. Nothing that happens here really matters though, it’s mostly fluff leading up to the third film - even Jamie Lee Curtis wants to just sleep through the whole movie. After this viewing, I think I actually prefer Halloween (2018) after all. I do enjoy the LGBT inclusiveness and the non-heteronormative straight couple though, but of course they’re just throwaway side characters as per usual. Hopefully the third movie in the trilogy makes up for how blasé this one felt to me. And can we please just talk about what a stupid title “Halloween Kills” is? Like what does that even mean, it’s not even grammatically coherent. I can’t stand it lmao.

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