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  • Two in the Shadow

    Two in the Shadow


    Comforting yet crushing at the same time, as much as the two protagonists try to forget what brought them together it's psychologically and emotionally bound to them. Really brilliant and I could love it even more in the future.

  • Bad Boys II

    Bad Boys II


    Firey action sequences, tight comedy, and struggles with friendship all clash together in this absolutely chaotic work. Everything I loved about the first one is kicked up to 100% and actually got me emotionally invested in the characters. From the opening minutes the film is already insane and it mostly keeps up until the end and you almost feel relieved after the last long action sequence. This film is surprisingly a sight to behold and is now one of my favorite action films.

    "We ride together, We die together, Bad Boys for Life."

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  • Twin Peaks: The Return

    Twin Peaks: The Return


    Sometimes we're not sure why pieces of art move us or connect to us so much, I find myself wondering this a lot because sometimes love for a piece of art cannot be translated to words on a website. This is my second viewing for this but I'm just as stunned as I was before, David Lynch you're a one of a kind artist.

  • An Autumn Afternoon

    An Autumn Afternoon


    As a final film to Ozu's filmography I could not think of anything that could be more bittersweet in how it presents it's themes head on, such as loneliness and the inability to move on. Throughout the whole runtime even in the moments of joy I felt very empty, and the final shot is perhaps one of the most soul crushing I've seen in a film, Ozu's last was one of his greatest for sure.