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  • The Babysitter

    The Babysitter


    A perfectly serviceable core story of a nerd coming to terms with the idea that the world of older cool kids is totally alien to him in every way. Sometimes McG's style feels lame and like a cheap Scott Pilgrim ripoff but other times it works very well. I didn't hate the film but its treatment of black characters and certain females felt very dated and out of place. Certain segments work very well and I enjoyed his fight with…

  • The Great Escape

    The Great Escape


    The Great Escape is a great film, don't get me wrong. It somehow manages to prevent getting tangled up with its huge cast and more or less fully explores the plethora of different characters. McQueen ought to be the protagonist but his motorcycle sequence feels like pointless spectacle and fodder. I guess my only criticism of the film is its lack of focus on a clear theme, especially during the post-escape scenes that mainly seem to drag on the runtime.

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  • Cannibal Holocaust

    Cannibal Holocaust


    This is going to sound pretty bad, but I think the most important part of the film is the turtle scene. Up until then, we had been flirting with the idea that the white characters are just as savage as the natives, or even more so, and this confirms something even darker. The cannibals may do horrible things to other human beings, but here we see the film crew enjoying mutilating the turtle. This is also Deodato's most damning criticism…

  • Poltergeist



    Poltergeist is a blast of a horror film with an excellent soundtrack, writing that hits horror and comedy right on the nose, and a great cast of memorable characters. From the lighthearted Spielberg-y moments to the Tobe Hooper rip-your-fucking-face-off scares it is pure entertainment. The special effects are magnificent and their influence can still be felt today. This is a very fun movie that I wish I would've watched ages ago.

    But aside from being a good time, it also…