2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

2001 is an odd one... A film about humanity where the closest thing to emotion comes from a computer. You can tell Kubrick crafted his performances like this on purpose, to add to the cold, metallic atmosphere of the film. The opening Dawn of Man segment is different from this; it feels young, primal. Then, with that famous jump cut, we are thrust straight into the distant future, which contains as much beauty as Kubrick's vision of prehistory. This film is just amazing to look at. There's something awe-inspiring in every shot. But it's more than pretty pictures, it's also full of ideas and statements about where humanity is headed and where we came from. It's a very haunting film and even before HAL malfunctions there's something ominous about him. The whole atmosphere is very mysterious and disturbing. Watching it is an ordeal, and not because of the film's length. It's full of grueling, stressful situations that really weigh on the audience, and that's the thing I love most about it.