Housebound ★★★

I might not be on the up and up when it comes to modern NZ humor, because I found very few gags in this film to be funny. There were some good ones, sure, but the movie succeeds mostly in being a genuinely tense thriller with quite a few shocks and horribly suspenseful sequences. Towards the end it descends into some gritty slapstick which I got a kick out of. Overall, pretty good plot that unfortunately drags itself out a little too long with what must surely have been a mantra of "let's see if we can throw in ANOTHER twist." Not that the turns the story takes are bad, it's just that the film tends to dwell on them too long when several climaxes are built into the final act and each of them would have been a good place to end it. Speaking of the ending, while I liked all the characters and especially was glad to see no tacked on romantic angle, the denouement is far too neat, with several allegedly killed characters returning for some cheesy "happy family" moments. Still, even though it gets a little lost along the way, the film is a fun and scary journey and I enjoyed it a lot.

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